Super Count Masters

How good are your reflexes and your mathematical skills? Find out in the funniest way possible with Super Count Masters!

This online game mixes running, dangerous traps, and deadly battles, all in one. Your goal is to avoid the traps and run heads-on against your enemy's troops. However, along the way, you can recruit others to run with you. 

To win a battle, you must ensure that you have more soldiers than your opponent. You will find two options for recruitment along your way and must decide quickly which one to run through. For example, if you are running solo and have the options to double your troops or add 20 soldiers to it, the second is obviously better in that case. However, if you were already running with 20 soldiers on your back, doubling the number could be better.

Super Count Masters is all about strategy and thinking on your toes! How many soldiers will you be able to take safely through the finish line?


Mouse: drag the cursor to the right and left to move your players.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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