Draw and Save Stickman

Stickman has become a magnet for bad luck and now dead awaits him at every corner. You were tasked with the mission of saving him… with your drawing skills.

Draw and Save Stickman is the combination of a drawing and a thinking game, with the latter weighing more on the equation in most levels. It is not so much about drawing artistic saving mechanisms but instead creating barriers with the most effective shape to make Stickman fall anywhere safe.

The puzzles will start easily enough but soon you will be scratching your head trying to find a way to save the unlucky character.

Give it a try and check how far can go before Stickman falls to his death.


Click or tap and hold to drag and draw.

Game developer:

Draw and Save Stickman was developed by TrendyGames.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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