What a Leg

What A Leg is a nonsensical and fun game that will put your drawing skills to the test in a unique and unexpected way.

In this online game, you will be entering a strange race of girls with no legs. Your job is to draw the best suitable legs to make your avatar overtake all the obstacles and reach the yoga mat. Once there, she must be able to stand on the mat. Even if she reaches the yoga mat before your opponents, if she falls down, she will be disqualified. The last person to reach the yoga mat will be out of the game. If that’s you, then it’s game over.

You can change the shape of the legs as many times as you want during the race course. Don’t worry too much about getting the right shape to face all obstacles from the get-go and instead keep focused to draw new legs whenever necessary.


Click or tap and drag to draw.

Game developer:

What a Leg was developed by RHM Interactive.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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