Running Games

Ready or not, these online running games will make you break a sweat! Make sure your sneakers are securely tied because you are about to enter full speed, moving those feet as if there is no tomorrow.

There are many types of running games with different gameplay and goals, but they all have something in common: you need to keep moving and maintain a quick pace or defeat will catch up to you.

Take the example of the franchise Subway Surfers: Beijing and Subway Surfers: Zurich. It is all fun and games exploring the railways of different cities, but stumble down and the security guard will lock you up.

Crossy Road Chicken lets you take a break to find the right moment to cross the road, but wait for too long and you will be out of the frame and out of the game too. 

If the fear of being caught takes away all the fun of running to you, do not worry. Why not embody the fastest and most famous hedgehog in the world and play Sonic Frontiers? In it, you can simply run for pleasure while searching for the Chaos emeralds.

Whatever your game preference when it comes to style and speed, you will find one to love amid these online running games.

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