Parkour Block 4

Are you ready for a new parkour adventure? In the online Parkour Block 4, the art and skills of parkouring go beyond that of jumping with a flair and performing exciting stunts.

In this game, the floor is lava. Fall and you will lose right away. Use the mouse to look around you and try to gauge the distance between the platforms to plan your jumps before committing to them. 

The challenging part of this game is that it is played from a first-person perspective. The gaming experience is more realistic, but it also makes it much harder to assess distances and avoid falling down!

And if you enjoyed this game, make sure to also check the classic Parkour Block 3D of the same game series.


Spacebar: jump
Direction or WASD keys: move
L+Shift: run
Double Esc: menu

Game developer:

Parkour Block 4 was developed by Poly Games.

Also from Poly Games: Parkour Block 3D

Last updated: Jan 26, 2023

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