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Looking for fast-paced online games where the excitement never dies? These online action games will give you that and much more!

Are you more into fierce battles that will have your heart racing like crazy with the thrill of each kill and the constant fear of being shot down or blown up? Then, battle games might be what you are looking for. Here you can find FPS war games like or the cute but merciless Egg Wars in which you must use a plethora of weapons to spill the yolk of your enemies.

Is your kind of action more about fists, kicks, and trying to beat your opponent into a pulp? Try Pocket Fighter, with the famous characters from Street Fighter, or Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel.

Action can also mean getting into a Police Car Simulator and patrolling the streets taking down bandits and criminals. Or hiding somewhere up high and embodying a professional sniper to shoot enemies with accuracy.

It can even mean trying to survive on an inhospitable island and fighting islanders as well as wild animals that will try to take you down, as in the game

As you can see, we have plenty of action for you and of different kinds. Whatever type of excitement you are looking for, you will find it among these free online action games.

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Vortex 9

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