Counter Craft

Counter Craft is an online game in which you either kill or will be killed.

In this multiplayer game, you can create a room or join one to enter a battle against players from all over the world. Make sure to have your weapon ready at all times and prepare for the fight! Explore different maps, collect rewards by killing your enemies and upgrade your catalog of weapons to ensure that you have the most deadly ones at hand.

Do you think you can make it out alive?


WASD: movement
Spacebar: jump
C key: crouch
Left mouse button: fire
R key: reload
B key: buy weapons
P key: pause/menu
T or Y key: chat

Game developer:

Counter Craft was developed by G55.CO.

Also from G55.CO: Critical Strike Global Ops, Counter Craft 2 Zombies, Biozombie Outbreak

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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