Are you a conqueror or a conquered? 2 is a multiplayer game that will take you to a simple battlefield where you must conquer territory to create an empire and obliterate your enemies.

Compete against opponents from all over the world to increase your territory. The bigger it is, the higher your score. But be aware of your enemies! Just as you can steal territory from them and “kill” them by blocking their way, so can they do the same to you.

Have fun playing 2 online, for free, and feel the thrill of the battle with this simple .io game.

Rules and gameplay

You start the game on your territory and must slide your square to draw your conquered area. To add to your territory you must bring the square back to it after drawing around.

White spaces are the land of nobody, while colorful areas are territories of other players.

Be careful! You will lose the game if your drawing path touches itself or if an enemy cuts it. So be sure to always bring back your square to your territory to close down a drawing. The longer your drawing path, the more chances you have that an opponent might cut it without you being aware of it until the game over screen pops up.

How to play 2?

  • Use the mouse cursor or the arrow keys to move your square.
  • Draw around your territory to increase it. Try to take control of the arena. 

What is the difference between and 2?

The main difference between the two game versions is the way you can move your character. In the original game, you could only move your square up, down, left, and right. In 2 you can now move it in any direction.

The game field is also circular in the second version, to accommodate this change.

How to defeat other players

Hit your opponents’ tails to kill them and remove them from the arena. It should be noted that if you hit your own tail by accident, you will also lose.

How to fill the whole map

There are a couple of strategies that you can use to try to beat the game and take full control of the arena. 

1. Keep close to the walls. By doing this you do not need to worry about players showing up behind you.

2. Don’t be ambitious. It is safer to be patient and add small areas to your territory each time. The farther you venture, the more exposed your tail will be.

3. Take your enemy’s territory immediately after killing them. For a few precious seconds, you can be sure there are no other players lurking in that area. Take advantage of that.

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Mouse: Move the cursor to move your avatar

Keyboard: Direction keys: move your avatar

Game developer:

PAPER.IO 2 was developed by DRA.

Also from DRA: Wild Love, Bubble Shooter Gold,

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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