Hole.io is a fun online game in which you become… a hole. In this unique multiplayer game, you compete against real players from all over the world to become the largest black hole the world has ever seen.

You will start the game as a tiny hole that can only drag to the abyss small things, so long they fit through the opening. The more things you absorb, the larger you get. Consequently, you will also be able to drag down larger things too, including your opponents.

Choose a map or select the random option to start. You can also choose between different game modes: classic, battle royale, teams, and solo run.

Regardless of the game mode you choose, you will be given side missions to complete to earn exp points and unlock new skins. Make sure to check them out.


Mouse cursor / WASD / Arrow keys: move

Game developer:

Hole.io was developed by Voodoo.

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Last updated: Feb 12, 2024

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