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Enter a global arena and play against real players from all over the world. Discover Reludi’s multiplayer games and have fun!

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About Multiplayer Games

Single-player games are already fun, multiplayer online games can be even better. Playing against a computer can be challenging but playing against other real players is certainly more demanding. You are playing against other people whose only goal is to win and who draw and adapt their tactics and strategies on the spot according to the current game setting.

Multiplayer games are traditionally played in a worldwide arena where you compete or battle against opponents from all over the world in real-time. Some may require teamwork and cooperation between a group of players to win against other teams. Others will have you playing solo against others, in battles and challenges that may take a one-on-one shape or an open battlefield where everyone competes at the same time.

What are multiplayer games?

As the name already suggests, they are games played by several players simultaneously. One of their key features is that the real players compete or work together to win - AI plays no role in them. This means that you are playing with real people instead of facing a computer.

There are two main types of multiplayer games: online and offline. The ones offline include classic board games that must be played by 2 or more players, for example. As for those online, they can fall under two categories: those that you need to download and join an online community and browser games that anyone can access. 

Here in Reludi, we only offer online multiplayer browser games that are free to play and require no registration.

Types of online multiplayer games

Multiplayer games can take up many forms: shooting, racing, battle, strategy, matching, sports, and many more. One could say that almost any type of game can fall into this category so long as it encompasses more than one real player.

For example, Fishing Duels is a one-on-one 3-matching game where you compete for the title of best fisherman against players from all over the world. In a completely different setting and with vastly distinct gameplay, in you are placed on an open battlefield where you need to survive by beating up other players.

By contrast, Worms Zone is a much more relaxing multiplayer game in which players must feed their worm to make it as big as possible and collect rewards that let them customize their avatar while avoiding crashing against other worms.

    Where can I find multiplayer games?

    This is the right place to find the best online multiplayer games on Reludi. However, we have more options for you too.

    .io games are by definition also multiplayer games, and although you can find some here, consider checking the .IO Games category for more relevant titles. Likewise, 2-player games are also multiplayer but we have them under a different category to distinguish them from those suitable for more than only 2 players. You can find them here: 2 Player Games.


    What are the best multiplayer games on Reludi?

    2. PAPER.IO 2
    3. Build Royale
    4. Skydom
    5. Mahjong Duels
    6. Worm Hunt: Snake Game

    Which are the most recent multiplayer games on Reludi?

    1. Soccer Snakes
    2. Blackjack Tournament
    3. Social Blackjack

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