FPS Games

These online FPS games will provide you with the realistic shooting experience you are looking for. Get your weapon ready and keep well aware of your surroundings if you do not wish to be killed.

The first-person point of view in these games makes them more exciting and realistic but also more tricky to play. Just as in a real-life situation, you never have a clear overview of what is happening around you, only what is in front of your eyes. Get distracted and an enemy will sneak behind you and take you off the game.

Online FPS games are normally multiplayer ones, which means that you are sent into a warzone to play against real players worldwide. Playing against a computer may already be hard, but playing against real people with intelligent minds can be even more challenging.

Give it a go at Command Strike FPS or ArmedForces.io and you will quickly understand how complex and incredible online FPS games can be. Always keep an eye out for the best weapons and choose the best for each situation, whether it is a pistol, a knife, a bazooka, or a grenade, for example.

If you are looking for the excitement of a realistic shooting experience without the fuss of having to rely on other players, you can also try games like Time Shooter 3: SWAT in which you embody a SWAT operational to save the hostages, or even Biozombie Outbreak, a game in which you must survive by shooting out zombies.

What are FPS games?

FPS stands for First Person Shooter. These games are played from a first-person perspective, providing a more realistic experience to the players. 

They are usually played competitively online against real players from all over the world. Depending on the type of game, the players may have to work in teams to take each other out, or they may play solo in a free-for-all mode.

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