Bullet Force

Get ready to be deployed and defend your country in the multiplayer FPS game Bullet Force. Join the army and travel to every continent in the world to get rid of terrorists and peace-threatening individuals.

Choose you weapon, customize your war gear and begin! You can create a private room to play only with your friends or join a public room to play alonside real players from all over the world.

Make sure to create an account or keep your guest password always at hand so you can track your progress and unlock new game modes.

Most importantly, get your weapon ready because you are about to shoot or be shot in this online game.


Left mouse button: fire
Right mouse button: aim
Mouse scroll wheel: change weapon
WASD: move
Spacebar: jump
C key: crouch
Shift key: run
Enter key. respawn
G key: throw grenade
E key: pick up weapon
F key: use knife
R key: reload
P key: pause
Tab key: score

Game developer:

Bullet Force was developed by Blayze Games.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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