Horror Games

Looking for strong emotions? Not those virtual emotions that come with sports games, but true ones, that leave goosebumps on your skin and your heart beating so hard as if trying to escape. Then look no further because these online horror games are about to scare you out of your wits!

Say hello once again to the classic characters that crowd the nightmares of every gamer in games such as FNAF Shooter, Noob vs Evil Granny, or Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wuggie.

Or perhaps you want to experience the thrill of the unknown in games that will startle and maybe traumatize you. In that case, try Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape, for example, or a Minecraft-inspired horror adventure like Mineworld Horror or Horror Nights Story.

How is it going to be? Are you ready to explore this category of free online horror games or are you too frightened to even try?

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