Run Zombie Run

DANGER ALERT!  The zombie apocalypse has begun and this horrific plague torments your city!

Your goal is to set up 8 explosives scattered all over town. They are covered with a red poster. While activating the explosives, many undead will try to hunt you. Eliminate them using your vast weapon arsenal. Riffles, guns, knives, and grenades will help you defend yourself. After the final activation, you must get out of there so the city is finally clean.

Can you make it to the end alive?


WASD keys: move
Mouse: look around
Left mouse button: fire
Right mouse button: aim
Mouse scroll wheel: change weapons
G key: grenade
R key: reload
F key: pick up items
Left shift: run
Left ctrl: crouch
X key: lie down
V key: melee
Spacebar: jump

Game developer:

Run Zombie Run was developed by

Also from Zombie Mayhem Online, Noob Vs Evil Granny

Last updated: Jan 27, 2023

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