Fire And Water In Zombies World 2

The brothers Fire, Water, and Greeny are always looking for new adventures and nothing scares them off on their quests, not even zombies. The trio has made up their minds that they will collect all the diamonds and conquer all the puzzle levels… even if they have to face scary monsters and avoid getting impaled by sharp bones. 

In the online game Fire and Water In Zombies World 2, you must help them fulfill their mission of exploring the depths of the Zombie world and collecting all the diamonds to move through to the next level.

The game has three playing modes: single-player (only Fire), 2-players (Fire and Water), and 3-players (Fire, Water, and Greeny). 

Can you help the brothers succeed in their endeavors? 


Player 1 - Fire
WASD: move
R key: shoot

Player 2 - Water
Arrow keys: move
Nr 1 key: shoot

Player 3 - Greeny
IJKL: move
U key: shoot

Game developer:

Fire And Water In Zombies World 2 was developed by To43.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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