Temple Run 2

Explore the mysterious Mayan routes at Temple Run 2!

In this adventure, you must run and dodge all obstacles to continue your journey. Expect ropes swinging, fallen trees, and fast currents for you to avoid on your way. Complete the challenges and earn prizes! Increase your character’s abilities and don’t let the evil monkey get you!

Are you up for this adrenaline-fuelled adventure?



  • A or left direction key: move left
  • D or right direction key: move right
  • W or up direction key: jump
  • S or down direction key: slide
  • Spacebar: activate power-up


  • Swipe to move left or right
  • Swipe up: jump
  • Swipe down: slide

Game developer:

Temple Run 2 was developed by actiongameshub.

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Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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