Intercity Bus Driver 3D

Drive all around the globe in Intercity Bus Driver 3D!

You are now a bus driver and the world is your office. Take passengers from one city to another. Make it within time and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers. Perhaps they will give you a generous tip! Enjoy the landscape views but remember to keep schedules. After a well-completed trip, you can purchase new buses or improve yours for better conditions. 

From London to Paris, Berlin to Madrid, where to next?


WASD: Movement
Spacebar: Handbrake
Q key: left turn blinker
E key: right turn blinker
Z key: four blinker
C key: Change camera

Game developer:

Intercity Bus Driver 3D was developed by

Also from Street Fighter Madness, Helicopter Parking and Racing Simulator

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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