3D Car Games

Feel the thrill of a realistic driving experience with these 3D car games. Turn on the engine and get ready to drive the car of your dreams.

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About 3D car games

For a casual player, any car game will be just fine, but the real aficionados know that online 3D car games can make your heart beat faster.

Thanks to their 3D graphics, the experience of driving the car becomes much more realistic and exciting. Not only do they offer different camera angles that let the players appreciate the beauty of their ride, but even the skills required to control the vehicle can become significantly more realistic too.

For example, in the game Extreme Car Drift, the players can choose to play in a first-person POV and see the roads from within the car. Making the car drift also requires more skill than in 2D car games.

Another of the advantages of the more realistic 3D graphics is the chance to have a more real experience driving cars that would likely be vetted to you in real life. In the online game Intercity Bus Driver 3D you get to drive a bus, in Police Car Simulator you can drive a police car, In Oil Tanker Truck Drive 3D you get to drive a truck and in Grand Nitro Formula you can become a Formula 1 pilot. Not only that, but the norm is for the vehicles to be fully customizable.

Many 3D car games also have 2-player or multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other in real time, adding an exciting and competitive element to the games. Depending on the game, you and your friends get a chance to check who is the fastest driver, the most skillful one, or the best drifter in your gang.

Explore our online 3D car games and get ready to turn on the engines and show off your driving skills!


What are the best 3d car games on Reludi?

  1. Traffic Jam 3D
  2. Traffic Tour
  3. Highway Racer 3D
  4. Gangster Hero Grand Simulator
  5. Oil Tanker Truck Drive 3D
  6. Racing Horizon

Which are the most recent 3d car games on Reludi?

  1. Offroad Muddy Trucks
  2. Vehicle Parking Master 3D
  3. E30 Drift Simulator

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