Gangster Shooting Police Game

You have just escaped from prison but your gang is already needing you in the online game Gangster Shooting Police Game.

Be prepared at all times because they will be sending you missions to which you must respond right away. Keep close to your car and ensure that its tank is always full to ensure that you get in and speed through the streets on call. 

Try to complete as many missions as possible to earn the respect of the other mafia gangs and money for your troubles. You can then use the money to purchase new weapons and ammunition, to avoid being at the mercy of other gangs.

Are you ready to enjoy your new freedom in the criminal world?


WASD: move
Right mouse button: aim
Left mouse button: fire
Spacebar: jump
F key: enter/exit vehicle
R key: reset the car

Game developer:

Gangster Shooting Police Game was developed by Driving games.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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