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Become a Mafioso and join a world of gang fights, shooting battles, and much cunningness! Explore our collection of online Mafia games.

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About Mafia games

A world of crime, intrigues, cunningness, shootouts, and gang battles awaits you in this collection of online Mafia games.

Whether you are joining the Mafia or fighting this criminal organization, you can be certain that excitement is never far away and your life will be constantly in danger, even when you believe it to be safe.

If you are looking for merciless shootouts and violent fistfights, you must join the lower mafia ranks and become a handyman for the Big Boss. In that case, you can try, for example, games like Open World Crime City Shooting or Gangster Shooting Police Game.

Within the shooting games genre, you have also Mafia Wars, but that one is more about shooting precision and has a sort of finesse about it, reminiscent of the old gentlemen's Mafia. In case that is something you enjoy, that aura of high-end politeness under a constant feeling of danger, then we suggest Mafia Poker.

And because Mafiosos also have a sense of humor, if you want to break with the dark side of the criminal world and try something a bit more fun, you will also find such funny games in this collection. A good example is Murder Mafia. In this game, you must stab the Boss in the back, fool everyone by pretending to be him, and avoid getting stabbed in the back by other assassins! Or you can hop in the Boss’s car and race through the city in a competition for the fastest mafioso behind the wheel in the Mafia Car 3D Time Record Challenge.

As you can see, the Mafia games contemplate many different game genres, more than one would think. Have fun exploring them all!


What are the best mafia games on Reludi?

  1. Gangster Hero Grand Simulator
  2. Miami Crime Simulator 3D
  3. Gangster Shooting Police Game
  4. Mafia Driver Car Simulator
  5. Open World Crime City Shooting
  6. Mafia Poker

Which are the most recent mafia games on Reludi?

  1. Mafia Driver Car Simulator
  2. Mafia Battle
  3. London Crime City

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