Traffic Jam 3D

In Traffic Jam 3D your driving skills will be vital to drive to the finish line. While driving full speed, avoid the traffic and finish fast yet safely.

Reach checkpoints and earn bigger scores by making risky stunts. There are 80 levels for you to unlock in the available playing modes: career, infinite, time against, and free. Customize your car and drive it through the city, desert, or highway during all times of the day.

Now put the pedal to the metal and drive to that finish line!


Direction keys: movement
E key: horn / lights
C key: switch camera
N key: nitro

Game developer:

Traffic Jam 3D was developed by Great Games.

Also from Great Games: American Footbail.IO, Sniper Combat 3D, Sports Bike Racing

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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