Subway Surfers World Tour: Iceland

Jake is ready to raise havoc again and drive another security guard crazy in the online game Subway Surfers World Tour: Iceland.

Join him and his friends for a parkour race through the railways of Iceland. Jump and dodge all the obstacles to avoid falling and getting caught by the security guard. On your thrilling run, remember to collect as many coins and items as possible to unlock new hoverboards and characters. If you trip and fall, you can also use these items to get another chance of escaping the guard from the point you were caught onwards. Otherwise, you always have to start from zero.

How far away can you run before being caught?

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Up arrow key: jump
Bottom arrow key: roll
Right arrow key: move to the right
Left arrow key: move to the left
Spacebar: start the game and activate the hoverboard

Last updated: Jul 16, 2024

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