Master Gun

Endless running to endless dodge obstacles is a thing of the past. With a gun in your hand, you don’t move for others, they move for you! That’s the premise of the online game Master Gun.

Your ultimate goal is to get to the riffle protected by barrels of money. To do it, you need to level up! Shoot down everything on your way to collect gun cylinders, money, and other powerful upgrades. Whenever two doors stand ahead of you, try to quickly understand which one can bring you more benefits and start shooting at it right away.

If you hit an assassin or any other obstacle, you will lose years of life and you might end up dying. Be careful!

How many levels do you need to complete to finally get strong enough to reach the much-desired riffle?


Drag to move side to side or use the AD or arrow keys on your keyboard. 

Game developer:

Master Gun was developed by 2Play.

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Last updated: May 08, 2024

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