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Feel the thrill of online platform games! Navigate through challenging levels, dodge obstacles, and defeat enemies. Jump in for endless fun!

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About platform games

Platform games were one of the first adventure genres of video games, back when 2D graphics were still the hottest, most advanced thing ever. 

Gaming has evolved much ever since, yet the genre remains a popular one. The reason is simple: its gameplay is easy to understand, it is fun and, most importantly, it is challenging. Not only that, but players have a real sense of progression as they move from one platform to another and realize how much harder that movement is each time.

In this collection of online platform games, you will find several classics that helped make these types of games so popular. For example, you can play the amazing Sonic The Hedgehog from Sega, or Bloo Kid, the 2D arcade game that blends Super Mario Bros and Sonic’s gameplay to perfection.

Here you can also find the newcomers that are shaking the genre and breathing new life into it.

If you are looking for games that put an emphasis on excitement and adrenaline-pumping adventures, then you must try Vex 3. It is more than a platform game, it is a quest for survival.

Have fun exploring all the online games in this category.

What are platform games?

Platform games are a genre of video games that focus on guiding a character through a series of levels to achieve a specific goal, often avoiding obstacles and battling enemies along the way. 

One of the primary gameplay mechanics is the ability to jump between platforms of varying heights. The existence of these surfaces is a requirement in these games. They can be static, move in a pattern, or even disappear and reappear.

Many platformers feature items that can be collected for points, extra lives, or abilities. Power-ups typically grant temporary benefits like invincibility or increased speed.

Within this game genre, there are also subgenres that can be clearly identified: 

Puzzle Platformers: These incorporate puzzle-solving elements. For example, Fireboy and Watergirl 1.

Action Platformers: Place a greater emphasis on combat and action elements. If you enjoy these, try Stickman Temple Duel.

Endless Runners: A subgenre where the character automatically runs through the level and the player controls only the jumps and other special actions.For instance, Super Mario Wonder

Metroidvania: A subgenre that combines platforming with action-adventure game elements like exploration, an interconnected world map, and RPG elements. For example, Shadow Ninja Revenge.


What are the best platform games on Reludi?

  1. Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple
  2. Fireboy and Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
  3. Super Mario Bros Movie
  4. Stickman Temple Duel
  5. Super Oliver World
  6. Super Mario and Sonic

Which are the most recent platform games on Reludi?

  1. Super Pony World
  2. Square Rush
  3. Lorenzo the Runner

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