Miners Adventure

An old explorer has decided to quit retirement and is back for more adventures, now with his granddaughter to help him! In the co-op game Miner Adventure, you and a friend get to embody these two adventurers and go on a dangerous quest for gold and precious stones. 

It won’t be easy. There are many traps, dangerous animals, and puzzles awaiting you. You must work together to solve all the challenges and escape unscathed. Grandpa has moves that his granddaughter cannot perform and vice-versa. Besides, remember your goal in the first place: collect the treasures. The door to clear the level will not open unless you fulfill the minimum requirements for gold and gems.

Are you ready for this adventure?


Side arrow keys: move
Up arrow key: jump
Down arrow key: descend ladder
K key: collect gold
L key: use dynamite

AD: move
W: jump
S: descend ladder
2x W: high jump
F key: shoot
G key: shoot down

Game developer:

Miners Adventure was developed by RHM Interactive.

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Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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