Super Droid Adventure

What if Mario and Sonic games were mashed up together into a futuristic game in which a robot takes the lead as the hero? Super Droid Adventure brings you the answer.

In this online game, you will be exploring Super Mario-inspired maps with a droid. To complete each level, you must reach the end of the map safely. On your way there, try to collect the three stars (some may be hidden in boxes) and take as many rings as possible. Also, keep an eye open for yellow pipes. You can go down those and discover chambers of rings for you to collect.

Are you ready for this adventure? The big boss is waiting for you!


AD or side arrow keys: move
W or up arrow key: jump
S or down arrow key: go down the pipes

Game developer:

Super Droid Adventure was developed by magnificstudios.

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Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

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