Bubble Shooter

The classic arcade game is now available online for you to play whenever and wherever you want without having to wait in line for your turn to give it a go at the arcade machine. 

Play the Bubble Shooter online, for free, and put your shooting aim to the test. Blow up all the colorful bubbles to clear as many levels as possible and rise up as the ultimate shooter. Make sure to control your amount of ammunition and plan the best strategy to pop and release as many bubbles as possible. Have fun going pop, pop, pop!

How to play Bubble Shooter

Your goal is to clear the board of any bubbles to advance to the next level. To do so, you must shoot against the bubbles to combine 3 or more with the same color for them to pop. The bubbles cling to the ceiling and each other, which means that you can also target the top ones to release them and, consequently, remove all the bubbles attached to them too.

If you are playing with a mouse, use it to adjust your aim and press the left button to shoot. If you are playing the game on a touching screen, press down to use the aim and release the finger to shoot.

You can bounce the bubbles on the walls to change their trajectory and reach the colors you want and the top-linking ones. 

You cannot choose which color to shoot with, but you can use the switch button to change your bubble with the following one. You will find the switch button on the right side of the gun. On the left side, you can see how much ammunition you have left.

For a completely immersive experience, you can play this online Bubble Shooter on full-screen. You find this option on the bottom left corner of the game screen. To exit the full-screen mode, click on the X also on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Tips to win at bubble shooter

Try to create and detach hanging clusters

To remove the bubbles from the puzzle you can either pop them or make them fall. Hanging clusters are good to do the second.

Instead of trying to pop the bubbles by sections closer to your weapon, aim higher and try to create a cluster hanging by only one or two bubbles. When the right colors come along, just aim at that saving line and rejoice as a full set of bubbles come tumbling down.

Shoot at big groups

Whenever possible, try to shoot at big groups with the same color. This will breach the puzzle and may either create hanging clusters that are easier to remove with a couple of shoots or give you access to more bubbles with different colors.

Increase your aiming range

The bubbles you shoot up can bounce on the walls. Before deciding on a trajectory, make sure to aim at the side walls and check if there are other bubbles that you could reach by making your shot bounce.

Usually, shooting at the walls will let you reach bubbles that are inaccessible by aiming straight ahead. It is also a good strategy to create hanging clusters or reach big groups with the same color.

Create a clear path

Your first impulse may be to pop the bubbles closer to your weapon. However, this can be time-consuming and, more importantly, demand more ammunition than what you have.

If possible, try to create a clear path to the top of the puzzle, either through the center or the laterals. This is a much more effective way to get rid of all the bubbles as it will allow you to reach the upper ones and create hanging clusters to then detach. 

Spread or cluster your bubbles when waiting for a color

If you have no bubbles to pop with the same color as your ammunition, do not shoot aimlessly to go through the colors quicker. 

Instead, you have two options. The first one is to spread your shots along the bottom of the puzzle to avoid it getting too close to your weapon. In this case, be careful not to block any specific colored bubbles. 

The second one is to create a hanging cluster by shooting always at the same spot. This one demands more carefulness. You need to make sure that all the bubbles in the cluster are accessible so you can detach it with a single shot. Also, you cannot let it become too long since it may block access to one side of the puzzle or linger so close to the bottom edge that a mistake may lead you to lose the game.

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This game was developed by Appgeneration. You can also play this Bubble Shooter game at their website and enjoy a greater variety of features and game options as well as a blog with tips and strategies to become a Bubble Shooter master.

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Bubble Shooter was developed by AppGeneration.

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Last updated: Mar 27, 2024

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