Geometry Dash (Scratch)

Classic arcade and video games are still among the most popular games even today for a reason. Despite their simple graphics and even simpler controls, they are hard to master! And now, the online game Geometry Dash is set to prove once again that sometimes less is more.

All you have to do is help the yellow square travel as far as possible by jumping over obstacles. That is it. You cannot control the speed or direction in which the yellow square moves.

Only the top 500 scores are recorded in the game’s database. Will your name be among them or will you be just another anonymous lacking the skills to make yourself be noticed?


Space / W / Up Arrow / LMB: jump
P key: pause
L key: toggle special effects

Game developer:

Geometry Dash (Scratch) was developed by Griffpatch.

Also from Griffpatch: Paper Minecraft

Last updated: May 03, 2024

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