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Hop on your bike, feel the engine rumbling under your body and live all the excitement of racing on amazing motorcycles in these bike games!

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About Bike Games

Get ready to do a wheelie and pull off amazing stunts on two wheels because the asphalt is about to get hotter with these free online bike games.

Skip the traffic, race to the finish line, or explore wonderful city maps on top of your motorcycle. Whether you enjoy the thrill of racing tracks or the dangers of exploring the outdoors, in this category, you will find the perfect games for any two-wheel lover.

You can even put your skills to the test in different settings, be it in a race, in a stunt competition or simply dodging other vehicles to keep moving forward in your adventure. 

Feel like a real pilot

Nothing makes for a more realistic experience than 3D bike games. They can transport you to any road or track and make you feel fully in control. If they happen to have a first-person perspective, then the experience is complete. 

Try Moto Road Rash 3D for example and feel your adrenaline spike high. Ride as fast as you can amid the city traffic, narrowly missing any crashes to earn extra points. Or you can take up the role of a policeman chasing after criminals and fulfilling other missions on your bike in Police Chase Motorbike Driver. The dark windshield may be confusing at first, but you can always switch cameras to make the experience more pleasant to you. 

Head to our collection of 3D bike games to find these challenges and discover what it is like to almost feel the engines rumbling under your body!

Become a stunt rider

Not all motorcycle games are about idle realism. There are many that are focused and require more skill and thorough control of your motorcycle. Some games like Drive Bike Stunt Simulator 3D, combine both aspects to create an exhilarating experience.

For amazing stunts, you can try any of the Moto X3M game series. You can even start with the first installment of the series: Moto X3M Bike Race Game. In these games, you will have to perform stunts and speed up like crazy to overcome all the obstacles on the race tracks,  and these include deadly traps that will cut you and your bike in half if you are not careful.

If, however, your passion and focus are on games that challenge your bike control in new and fun ways, then you are bound to love Sonic Motorcycle Adventure or Bike Mania, two games that put all the emphasis on skill. 

Check our collection of skill games to find more bike and non-bike games that will put your skills to the test.

Speed to victory

Another popular genre of online bike games is those that have you speeding like crazy to cross the finish line in first place. Racing games can be merciless, whether they take place on race tracks or on the most treacherous dirt roads. 

Despite their fierceness, they can also be extremely fun since the majority has a 2-player mode or even a multiplayer mode available. In other words, you can enjoy a friendly competition on two wheels with your friends or other real players from all over the world. Give it a go at games like Dirt Bike Motocross or City Bike Stunt 2.

And if you are looking for other exciting and fast competitions, make sure to check our selection of racing games
What are you waiting for? Hop on your bike, turn on the engine, and prepare to feel the wind blowing on your helmet.


What are the best bike games on Reludi?

  1. Moto X3M Bike Race Game
  2. Moto Road Rash 3D
  3. Biker Battle 3D
  4. Drive Bike Stunt Simulator 3D
  5. Moto X3M 4 Winter
  6. Dirt Bike Racing Duel

Which are the most recent bike games on Reludi?

  1. Cartoon Moto Stunt
  2. Ramp Bike Jumping
  3. Mad Race! Fury Road

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