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Get ready to break a sweat because these sports games will not let you take a moment to rest. It’s game on!

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About sports games

Is your competitive side itching for a good challenge? Do not worry. These online sports games are waiting for you to give them your best!

Here you will find a great selection of online games with different gameplay, graphics, and goals. Most importantly, you will find an amazing variety of sports games to ensure that you will always find your favorite.

Soccer games

Are you a soccer fan? Then you might want to try the 2-player game Football Legends 2021, for example, and get into a one-on-one fight with a friend to try to score the most goals. Or perhaps you would like something that requires more precision and skills, in which case you also have Penalty Shooters 2.

Whether you are looking for something fun to pass time or for a game that makes you feel like Ronaldo and Messi, you will find it here. You can also head to Soccer Games to check our complete list.

Basketball games

If you are more of a basketball aficionado, you will also find games to love in this category of online sports games. 

Give it a go at Basketball Stars, for example, and play with avatars of the most famous players in the world and try to get as many dunks as possible. Or you can get funky and try a more unconventional challenge with the game Basket Random.

Make sure to check our list of Basketball Games to make it easier for you to find a game of your favorite sport.

Football games

Feeling like scoring a few (or a lot) touchdowns? Then you need to check out our football games! 

Swerve to dodge other players in the game Touchdown Rush or put your accuracy skills to the test and score awesome goals in American Football Kick.

These are only examples, keep exploring or head to the category Football Games to find other challenges, including strange ones like American Touchdown that will have you jumping around instead of running.

Pool games

Missing the bar atmosphere but are too lazy or too busy to go there? We cannot help you with that, but what we can do is offer you the best pool games for you to play online, anywhere and anytime you want.

Have fun playing games like 8 Ball Pool Challenge comfortably from your home. If you like this classic pool game, you can also check out 9 Ball Pro, a variant of the 8 Ball with more challenging features.

Other games

Online sports games encompass much more than the games of the most popular sports out there. Every sports and sports fan is welcome here!

Do you like cycling? Try Cycling Hero and have fun trying to reach the finish line before other riders. Or do you rather skip the two wheels and use your fists instead? In that case, you might enjoy the boxing game Boxing Stars.

Those who enjoy a good competition but prefer something more relaxing also have darts games like Darts Pro Multiplayer, the bowling game Bowling Hero Multiplayer, a fun golf challenge in Minigolf Tour, and many more games to explore.

These are merely some examples of the sports and sports games that you can find in this category. Have a look around and we are sure you will find a game that you will love.


What are the best sports games on Reludi?

  1. Football 3D
  2. Penalty Shooters 2
  3. 3D Billiard 8 Ball Pool
  4. 8 Ball Pool Challenge
  5. Soccer Skills Euro Cup 2021
  6. Real Freekick 3D

Which are the most recent sports games on Reludi?

  1. Pool Shooter Billiard Ball
  2. Basketball Fever
  3. Touchdown Master

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