Head Soccer 2023

Head Soccer 2023 is a 2-player online game that will have you go on a one-on-one match for the highest number of goals. However, there is a fun twist: the players have no bodies, only feet, and gigantic heads, so getting through one another will not be easy.

To make things worse, the ball bounces on the other player, the goal, and even on yourself if you are not quick to control it with your feet. This means that own goals are a very real possibility. Be careful!

The game is also available in single mode, so if you do not have a friend with whom to play right away, you can always train your skills to catch your buddy by surprise next time.


Arcade mode
Direction keys: movement
Z or X key: kick

2-player mode

Player 1
WASD keys: movement
N or M key: kick

Player 2
Direction keys: movement
1 or 2 key: kick

Game developer:

Head Soccer 2023 was developed by BestGameSpot.

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Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

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