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Call it football or call it soccer games, what truly matters is your foot and head skills. Are you the new Messi? Play now!

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About soccer games

These online soccer games bring you all the excitement of being on the pitch surrounded by your fans, without the fuss of having to leave your home or find enough friends to make one team. 

Get ready to challenge your foot and head skills with a ball and try to score as many goals as possible. Have fun engaging in a competition for precision and try to score and defend as many penalties as possible in games such as Penalty Shooters 2 or Football 3D.

If you want to show off your dribbling and foot skills directly against another player or friend, try the 2-player games Football Legends 2021, Head Soccer 2023, or Football Brawl, for example.

Whether you call it soccer or football games it is a matter of semantics. The emotion is the same. Are you the next Ronaldo or the next Messi?

Football is more fun with friends

Playing soccer against a random opponent team is always challenging and can be quite fun when the opponents put up a good fight. But it will never be as fun as when you are playing with or against a friend. 

Head to our collection of 2-Player Soccer Games to discover the next challenge you and your friend will undertake. Play an explosive 3x3 match with Champion Soccer, for example, or check who can score more goals in a strange competition between you two and gravity with Soccer Physics.

Have fun challenging each other. The stakes are always higher when you know your opponents’ skills and they know yours!

Face the greatest punishment in soccer

Penalties are the Achilles heel of many soccer players. Even the most skilled and experienced ones can crumble down under the pressure of having nothing but the goalkeeper between them and the goal. One single mishap can be enough to lose the game and disappoint teammates and fans alike.

If you enjoy the thrill of the pressure to show off your precision skills, then you will surely love a good penalties game. We have several for you, with different gameplay. Some, like Penalty Challenge, require you to drag the ball as if you were kicking it while others like Penalty Champs 22 will have you control a directional and power bar.

Try a few to find the game and the gameplay that better suits your taste. Just remember that you will also be playing as a goalie when it is your opponent’s turn. Even if a game looks too easy when it comes to scoring, things might change when it comes to defense. 

Go head-to-head against the opponent team

Soccer games are as popular as the sport, with millions of people enjoying a good match trying to steal the ball from the opponents to score more goals. But in the world of online games, there is a particular genre of football games that is on the rise: head-to-head games, also known simply as H2H.

And what makes these games so popular, you ask? Check our collection of Head Soccer Games and you will soon find out. They are challenging, they are strange, and… they are addictive!

Don’t worry, the “head” part doesn’t come from having to think and draw complex strategies. It comes from the big bobbly head of your avatar and you need to use it to send the ball flying into the goal.

If you are curious about it, try Fiveheads Soccer or Sports Heads Football Championship, for example.


What are the best soccer games on Reludi?

  1. Football 3D
  2. Football Soccer League
  3. Penalty Shooters 2
  4. Head Soccer 2023
  5. Soccer Skills Euro Cup 2021
  6. Football Legends 2021

Which are the most recent soccer games on Reludi?

  1. Crossbar Challenge
  2. Super Soccer Noggins
  3. Soccer Snakes

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