Penalty Champs 22

How good are your reflexes and football skills? In Penalty Champs 22 both need to be really sharp if you want to win.

In this online game, you must enter the world cup of penalties. Your goal is obviously to score more goals than your opponent while also trying to stop your adversary from scoring. 

The concept is already challenging enough, but Penalty Champs 22 also tests your reflexes and how quickly you can press your mouse button to set your shot. You must be fast to set the ball on the perfect trajectory and with the best speed.

Are you ready to crush your adversary to win the coveted world championship trophy?



Player: Click to set the direction, height, and strength of the shot.
Goalkeeper: Click anywhere over the goal to set the place you want your goalie to defend. 

Game developer:

Penalty Champs 22 was developed by Physical Form.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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