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What are .io games?

In the past decade, .io games have become popular as multiplayer browser gaming. When the evolution of games seemed focused on betting in consoles and complex gameplay, .io games proved that simple c…

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Interesting facts about online games

6 Interesting facts about online games

Online gaming is a growing market and culture. In later years, technological advances have made it possible for many to have an internet connection at home. The fact is that online gaming has already…

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History of the Rubik's Cube

History of the Rubik's Cube

The most famous cube in the world can be found on the shelves and homes of many but the history of Rubik’s Cube is one of ups and downs. The magical cubic toy from the 70s has become one of the…

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The history of arcade games

The history of arcade games is undissociated from the history of video games. Although video games were already a reality when they were invented, these coin-operated machines were the vehicle that i…

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history of bomberman

The history of Bomberman

The history of Bomberman may be a mystery to many, but the name of this game is well-known to any video game player. Published for the first time in 1983, the game was an instant success whose popula…

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5 reasons why online games have become so popular

The reasons why online games have become so popular are simple to understand. The origin of this surge in popularity can be traced back to the widespread availability of the Internet, but the reasons…

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Benefits of playing puzzle games

Puzzle games are widely popular because they combine the right amount of challenge and fun. They help players relax while also keeping their minds active to chase away any boredom. These are already …

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types of puzzle games

Types of puzzle games

Feeling puzzled prompts people to use their brain cells to find an answer or solution to the problem and to experience a moment of joy when they get it right. Thus, it was only a matter of time befor…

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