Football Superstars 2022

Are you ready to show off your football skills on the pitch? In Football Superstars 2022 you need to have supreme control over your players or you will lose!

Select your national team and get ready for the competition. Run through the field or keep passing the ball between your players to reach the opponent’s area and beautifully finish your efforts with a goal. Beware of your adversary! They will try to steal the ball from you at every turn and surprise your goalie. 

Keep tabs on the position of your players and those of the adversary with the help of the map in the left-side corner. It can be a precious feature to help you set an attacking or defending strategy by giving you an overview of the game.

This online game also comes with two modes: single match or tournament. Choose your option and play to become the best national team all over the world.


Arrow keys: movement
A key: long pass
S key: Pass/switch players
D key: shoot/tackle
Hold D key + side arrows: aim

Game developer:

Football Superstars 2022 was developed by Inlogic Software.

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Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

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