Real Football

The classic online soccer game is back! Real Football brings you all the excitement you could wish for in a sports game. 

Take full control of your passion. Choose the type of league you want to play, build your dream team, set the tactics, make substitutions and watch slow-motion replays to check for mistakes or to fully appreciate the beautiful goals your team will be scoring.

You command the world of football and your team. Transfer players, set up training sessions to improve your skills, and get ready to take over the world with your amazing goals.


Click or touch:

Pitch: run
2x pitch: sprint
Dribbler/teammate: pass
Double arrow: long pass
Name box: shoot
Opponent: press the ball handler
2x opponent: tackle
Field symbol: change the tactics

Game developer:

Real Football was developed by Gameloft SE.

Also from Gameloft SE: Danger Dash, Siberian Strike, Paper Flight

Last updated: May 10, 2023

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