Soccer Random

Soccer Random is an online game that will take you into the strangest football match that you have ever seen, let alone played.

In this single or two-player game, the keyword is not goal, dribbling, or ball control. No, the keyword is physics… or the lack of it at least. Gravity is overrated. Control your players as they float, tumble, and spin in the air.

The hardest part is that you can only control when your players jump, not when they move back or forward. This means that you must take into account their inclination when making the jump if you want to move to other parts of the pitch.

Give it a go and check out for yourself this strange soccer game!


1-player mode
Up arrow key: jump

2-player mode
Player 1
W key: jump

Player 2
Up arrow key: jump

Game developer:

Soccer Random was developed by RHM Interactive.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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