Real Cargo Truck Simulator

Big heavy trucks have something alluring for every driver. Although speed and aesthetics are what most people focus on in cars, it is undeniable that the massive size of trucks has something special to it. So much so, that one cannot avoid wondering what it would be like to drive one.

Well, wonder no more. With the online game Real Cargo Truck Simulator you can now fulfill your dreams and take a big truck out for a virtual drive. But don’t think this will be a leisure ride! You have a job to do: transport your cargo safely. Can you do it?


Arrow keys: drive
Spacebar: handbrake
Mouse: move the camera around
T key: connect/disconnect the trailer
C key: change the camera

Game developer:

Real Cargo Truck Simulator was developed by Vitality Games.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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