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When negotiations fall short, let the thunder of armaments speak! Get our tactics and weapons ready and face these war games!

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About war games

The time for diplomacy is long gone. It is time to let heavy weaponry do the talk in these online war games!

War can take many shapes and these games are a reflection of that. For example, the battles you will face can be very different depending on the branch of the military that is fighting them.

In games such as Air Dogs of WW2, you must defeat your enemy by joining the Air Force and becoming a skillful pilot at dodging other aircraft and dropping bombs over the enemy’s key facilities. Mk48.io on the other hand is a multiplayer war game fought over the open sea. In this case, you must join the Navy and command a fleet of powerful ships to destroy your enemies.

Then you have the Army branch that takes care of the battles on land. In this case, the war games are often split between first-person shooter games and the ones in which you control the character from an outside perspective. For example, Fields of Fury falls under the first category while Airport Clash 3D falls under the latter.

Online war games can be further divided into open battle or strategy games. The first type represents the classics in which you go head to head with the enemy and it is all about killing or being killed. The second, however, is much more dependent on your tactical and reasoning skills. You are not the cannon fodder, but rather the big commander calling the shots in the background and deciding which and how many men and weapons to send into battle. If you want to try out these types of games, try Call of Tanks or State.io for two very different experiences with the same overall goal.

Regardless of your fighting style, the military branch you prefer, or your weapons of choice, be it a gun or your brain, you will surely find the perfect games for you within these online war games.


What are the best war games on Reludi?

  1. State.io
  2. Bullet Force
  3. Clash of Armour
  4. Modern Air Warplane WW2
  5. Army Machine Transporter Truck
  6. Tank Wars

Which are the most recent war games on Reludi?

  1. End of War
  2. US Army Vehicle Transporter Truck
  3. World War Brothers WW2

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