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Play the best tower defense games and defend your base. From strategy to action-packed gameplay, play now and defeat the enemy hordes!

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About Tower Defense games

Online tower defense games are colorful games set in strange and unique worlds, often with cute or simple graphics, in which the players only have one goal: to defend their base.

These games are all about strategy and putting the players' ingenuity to the test. They are set in worlds at war and hordes of enemies will try to take down your kingdom, your land, your castle, your base, and so on. Your goal is to set defender towers along their way and send loyal troops too to try to stop your enemies before they can reach you.

In the online game Demon Raid 2, for example, you were chosen as the hero who will save the world from hordes of demons. The only way for you to succeed is to set up a team of wizards, sorcerers, knights, and archers and place them along the path under attack, while also building powerful defense structures to help them.

Tower Defense is a more classic game that takes place in a small village under attack that you need to protect. It is the perfect game for players that prefer simple strategy and tactics, without having to think about magic or powerful fantastic attacks coming out of nowhere. As a plus, the game is also available in different languages which makes it much easier for non-English-speaking players to understand the game mechanics. 

Although online tower defense games tend to always follow the same formula - the one that gave rise to the genre - each can have something unique that makes them more appealing or fun to players. For example, in Trap Craft you must lay down traps to take down Minecraft-like zombies and prevent them from reaching your base. In Heroes Towers you can choose to be only on the defense or attack other players’ towers. In Cursed Treasure 1.5 you join the evil side against the attack of angels and ninjas.

As you can see, there are many types of tower defense games even if they all share the same goal and put their sole focus on strategy. Have fun discovering all the games that we have for you here on Reludi!


What are the best tower defense games on Reludi?

  2. Castle Keeper
  3. Clash of Armour
  4. Castle Defender Saga
  5. Gold Tower Defense
  6. Raid Heroes: Total War

Which are the most recent tower defense games on Reludi?

  1. Grow Castle Defence
  2. Clash of Stone
  3. Merge Archer Defense

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