Demon Raid 2

The barbarians are trying once again to invade our peaceful kingdom and it is up to you to prevent them from succeeding in the online game Demon Raid 2.

Join a team of wizards, sorcerers, archers, and valiant warriors, and set up a winning strategy in this tower defense game. Carefully choose where to position each of your teammates to take the most advantage of their abilities and powers. Pay attention to the roads to avoid being surprised by a sudden attack.

The better you perform on each level, the more rewards you collect. Make sure to stock on diamonds to then use them to upgrade your fighters' abilities and your defenses.

Are you the hero the realm is looking for?


Use the mouse to move the cursor and left-click for selection.

Game developer:

Demon Raid 2 was developed by Booblyc OU.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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