Paper Minecraft

Are you a fan of the smashing success Minecraft? Then you are going to fall head over heels for the online game Paper Minecraft!

Inspired by the Minecraft game and developed by a confessed admirer of the original, it transports the legendary features and game modes into a 2D world of fun.

Get creative and use all the resources to build the most inventive and unique creations in the Creative game mode. If you want to find out how well you perform under pressure, you can try the Survival game mode and put all your ingenuity to good use in order to survive and defend what is yours, including your cattle and your crops.

Are you as good in a 2D setting as you are in the original 3D one?


WASD: move / jump / swim
Mouse button: Place or dig blocks
E key: open inventory or chest
F key: eat the held item
Spacebar: Drop/split an item from a stack
O key: save the game
P key

Game developer:

Paper Minecraft was developed by Griffpatch.

Also from Griffpatch: Geometry Dash (Scratch)

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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