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Explore underground worlds, collect resources, and build mining empires in these online mining games. Grab your pickaxe and start digging!

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About mining games

Explore the treasures hidden below the surface and meet unexpected challenges with this collection of online mining games. 

Get ready to take up the role of a miner and dig through the earth to find valuable resources, such as gold, diamonds, and gems. Your ultimate goal is to succeed and win against all the obstacles but what those obstacles are depends on the game you are playing.

Mining is a game theme that encompasses several different game genres within itself. Minecraft games are probably the most famous at the moment, but they are not alone. Noob, for example, is a world-famous miner by now and he gets himself into many adventures. In Noob vs Pro: Stick War, for example, he finds himself commanding an army of soldiers and miners that must dig the earth to support the troops with resources.

Idle games are another popular genre within the mining world. These are more focused on strategy and planning, with the players having to use their entrepreneurial skills to move forward. The goal is for players to keep improving their facilities and collecting resources to build up their mining empire. If this interests you, try Idle Mining Empire, for example.

Platform games are also classics when it comes to mining adventures. There are plenty that take place underground, and require the players to dig up something. Miners Adventure is a perfect example of such a game. 

Although these represent clear clusters within any collection of online mining games, the truth is that any game can be a mining one provided it follows the theme. That’s why you will find horror games in this category as well as merge games and even running games.

The games in this collection are all free for you to try, so what are you waiting for? Start digging for your next favorite challenge!


What are the best mining games on Reludi?

  1. Craft Drill
  3. Noob vs Pro: Stick War
  4. Idle Mining Empire
  5. Miners Adventure
  6. Craftmine

Which are the most recent mining games on Reludi?

  1. Craft Drill
  2. Chop and Crush: Mining Clicker
  3. Noob vs Pro: Stick War

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