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Discover new sandbox-building games or explore different games inspired by the simple 3D graphics of Minecraft!

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About Minecraft Games

Are you one of the millions of fans of open-world sandbox-building games that let you explore your creativity like nothing else? Then you are simply going to love the games you will find here in this category of Minecraft games.

Although not all of them are from the same developer as the popular 3D game, they share enough similarities to be grouped together. Minecraft was not the first game with rough, squarish 3D graphics, but it was the first of its kind to allow for a perfect mix of creativity and gaming challenges.

If you want to understand the reason for its success but are not keen on buying it, you can try Minecraft Classic. This is a free online game released by one of the original developers as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the game.Bloxd.io is another free game that follows the same gameplay and game style as Minecraft, in a multiplayer arena.

Paper Minecraft is also a game clone that deserves your attention. The gameplay and creative freedom are fully inspired by the original game, but there is a twist: it is a 2D game! 

But there is much more to explore. The popularity of this addictive game has spawned several other online games inspired by Minecraft graphics and worlds but with little to nothing to do with the sandbox game. 

Strange adventures on the run

Endless run games are a subgenre of online running games. Their defining feature is that you must control an avatar that will be running nonstop. The controls will depend on the game, but usually, you can only control when the character jumps or the direction in which it is running.

And what does Minecraft have to do with endless run games? Well, its different worlds and simple graphics create the perfect environment for a great running challenge.

If you don’t believe us, try MIner Rush, a game in which you must control your character to collect as many gold bars as possible, while also trying to knock down a few trees to get their wood. Or you can try Super Mario Minecraft Runner and enjoy this strange encounter of worlds.

Skills beyond building

As a sandbox-building game, Minecraft offers players the chance to give free rein to their creativity and building skills. 

Interestingly, many developers saw this game as a chance to challenge a different set of skills, provided the right changes to its gameplay are in place. And so you have the birth of games like Parkour Block 3D

You might even want to try Craftsman Hidden Items to check how good your attention to detail is.

If you want to check other games that challenge your skills, make sure to check our collection of online Skill Games.

Worlds of Horror

One of the most popular subgenres of Minecraft games is… online horror games! One would expect that realistic graphics would make for a much scarier experience, but, somehow, the low graphics and boxy zombies work wonders to leave any player on the edge of their seat.

If you are skeptical about how chilling these games can be, give it a go at Noob Vs Evil Granny or Horror Night Story

In case you enjoy a good zombie game but are not interested in jumpscares, don’t worry. In our collection of Zombie Games or in this page, you will find plenty of Minecraft zombies for you to take down with your weapon, be it a gun, a sword, or whatever other tool you may find.

As you can see, online Minecraft games go well beyond the scope and goals of the game that gave name to the category. Take your time to check them all, and have fun!


What are the best minecraft games on Reludi?

  1. Bloxd.io
  2. Counter Craft 2 Zombies
  3. World Craft HD
  4. Vectaria.io
  5. Craftsman Hidden Items
  6. Crazy PUBG Pixel 3

Which are the most recent minecraft games on Reludi?

  1. Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!
  2. World Craft HD
  3. Block TNT Blast

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