Noob Vs Evil Granny

Your girlfriend has gone missing. You do not know where she is for some time now. One day a letter arrives telling you she is in an abandoned house and daring you to rescue her.

You have 6 levels to this thrilling adventure. The following is always harder than the one before. Face evil monsters and explore Granny’s house for weapons on other precious objects.

Put on a brave face and save the girl before it’s too late!


Use the mouse to look around.

Mouse left button: fire

Mouse right button: zoom / block 

WASD keys: move

Left Shift: sprint

Left Ctrl: crouch

Q key: lean left

E key: lean right

Spacebar: jump

F key: use item

R key: reload weapon

G key: throw grenade

Game developer:

Noob Vs Evil Granny was developed by

Also from World Of Fighters: Iron Fists, Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire, Zombie Mayhem Online

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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