Impostor vs Noob

The imposter from the Among Us franchise has a chip on his shoulder about Noob, the famous character from Minecraft games. So much so, that he decided to get his hands dirty and shoot down all the noobs he can find in the online game Imposter vs Noob.

In his rage, the imposter is having trouble aiming straight. Worst even, the dumb Noob seems to have gotten himself into impossible places that are not easy to reach. Your goal is to help the Imposter fulfill his revenge. Solve the puzzles, make the bullets bounce, and take down all the noobs!


Drag to aim, release to shoot.

Game developer:

Impostor vs Noob was developed by Stickman vs Monster School Team.

Also from Stickman vs Monster School Team: World of War Tanks, Stickman Draw the Bridge, Noob vs Pro: Stick War

Last updated: Feb 07, 2024

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