is an online multiplayer game that will make you question your own sanity! Inspired by the popular game Among Us, it will have you tracking down who is killing your crew and fixing disruptions in your futuristic spaceship… unless you are the reason for all the troubles!

In that case, you must lie through your teeth claiming innocence in front of your colleagues and even performing simple tasks to deceive them, when the reality is that you are the murderer and the disrupter among them. 

You can also get other fun roles. You might be the sheriff and die if you report the wrong betrayer to the crew, or you might be the Jester whose sole purpose is to pretend to be the betrayer to have the crew members kill you. In this last case, however, you will lose if the Sheriff or the Betrayer himself reports/kills you.

Sounds like fun?

Your role will be assigned at the beginning of the game, so you never know which part you will be playing in this online game. Join real players from all over the world in this game of deception!


WASD or left mouse button: move

Game developer: was developed by End Game Interactive.

Also from End Game Interactive: Zombs Royale

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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