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Aliens, spaceships, teamwork, deception, treason, and endless possibilities - those are the key ingredients of these Among Us games.

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Among Us is a multiplayer game that has become a global phenomenon, captivating players with their thrilling mix of social deduction, teamwork, and betrayal. Inspired by the original title, the genre has exploded, encompassing a diverse range of online experiences that share the core concept of hidden identities and manipulation or, sometimes, with vastly different gameplay but with the same characters. Hence this collection of online Among Us games.

The imposter among us

The success of the original game has spawned several multiplayer games with similar gameplay and characters. In other words, games that offer the classic experience that pits cunning Impostors against Crewmates on a spaceship. The goals also remain similar: complete tasks, identify the impostors, and survive. If you want a taste of this kind of deception, try, for example.

There are other games in which the players immediately take up the role of the impostor who must work against his crewmates. The element of a hidden role may or may not be present. For example in Impostor Assassin, the crew members are well-aware that you are the mole among them. That is why they are searching for you to throw you out in space while your job is to get them by surprise and kill one at a time.

Another multiplayer game with a twist is Impostor. In this case, every player who enters the spaceship is an impostor, which means there are no “good” crew members. The winner is the one who can perform more tasks to sabotage the ship, stealthily kill more crew members, and sound the alarm when catching other players red-handed.

IO games entering the fun

.io games are multiplayer games by default, so it comes as no surprise that they too have also entered the Among Us wagon. New games come out every week, taking advantage of the betrayal and fighting aspect of the original to create merciless arenas with players from all over the world. 

In, for example, the players must collect as many energy cubes as they can to level up and become strong enough to kill the rivals who are also trying to get the cubes., on the other hand, is all about drawing and increasing your territory, even if that means stealing.


The aliens from Among Us have become staple characters in the gaming world. They are easily recognizable and everyone knows who they are and where they come from. As such, it was only a matter of time before funny crossovers would start to pop up. And some of those are here in this collection of online Among Us games too!

Amid Noob games, with the famous silly characters from Minecraft, for example, you can find Impostor vs Noob. In it, the aliens from Among Us have lost their minds in rage against Noob and are trying to shoot down all they can find.

Then there are the Skibidi games with the creepy toilets with heads. At first glance, Skibidi Toilet Attack seems to have nothing to do with Among Us, but for some reason, the aliens from the latter are the targets of these toilets.


These are just a few of the different games and types of games you will find in this collection of online Among Us games. Whether you crave a familiar experience with a twist or something entirely new, you will find it here. 


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