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Fly through space, ransack spaceships, and defend Earth and all the worlds being invaded. Play alien games online.

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Despicable and deadly enemies are coming from outer space to attack Earth and other worlds in this collection of online alien games. Will you be powerful enough to stand in their way?

In popular culture, and gaming alike, aliens are often depicted as the villains. They are the unknown threat, with veiled intentions and mysterious weapons. That’s why it comes as no surprise that showed up as the main characters in one of the most popular video games ever: Space Invaders.

Since then, these extraterrestrial beings have become the nemesis of many players all over the world, but some games have also taken a step forward to shine a more positive light on them, like in the make-up game Alien Princess.

Space games

Aliens come from outer space, so it is to be expected that most alien games are also space games. Space Invaders still stands as an inspiration to the majority of them, taking players to the universe to shoot down the incoming aliens. However, being “inspired by” is different from being a clone. There are always some new elements to make the games unique and fresh. For example, in Galaxy Shooter, the players need to take into account the slow-motion movement, while in Alien World, the aliens’ movements are much harder to predict.

.IO games

Io. games are another genre that fully embraced aliens as part of their narratives. and Among Us are prime examples of games that combine the best of both worlds. Players from all over the world came and still come together to try to find the alien traitor among themselves. 

Co-op games

Saving Earth from invading aliens is not an easy task, that’s why you often need a partner to do it. Co-op games present the perfect setting for such an enterprise. 

The extraterrestrial beings tend to be smart and set out tricky traps. In these 2-player games, both heroes must work together to overcome all the obstacles and defeat the aliens once and for all. In games like Alien Hunter Bros, for example, teamwork is essential as each character can perform different actions. 


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Which are the most recent alien games on Reludi?

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