Impostor Assassin

Impostor Assassin is a puzzle game inspired by the Among Us franchise. In it, you play the role of an assassin whose identity has already been uncovered. Your only way of escaping is killing all the crew members who know the truth.

Don’t be caught in their flashlights or it’s game over. Use the shadows to move around unseen and catch them unaware while they are searching for you. While at it, try to collect the three stars hidden on the map. You will receive more coins at the end of the level if you do it.  You can then use that money to improve your own weapons and become a more lethal player.

Are you as stealthy as you think?


Click or tap to move.

Game developer:

Impostor Assassin was developed by

Also from Super Count Masters, Super Friday Night Funkin' at Freddy's 2, Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy

Last updated: Feb 12, 2024

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